Private Sector

  • If you take a look at the metrics to date, the private sector has built over 90% of the existing workforce housing. Given that 90% fact, I will work to help the private sector continue to build the lion’s share of new workforce housing.

  • There isn’t one silver bullet that will solve all of our housing troubles. It’s going to take the efforts of the Housing Trust, Habitat for Humanity, and the private sector working in concert with one another.

"Feebate" System

  • We should enact a “feebate” system for residential building permits — if the new unit is permanently deed restricted for workforce housing.  

  • Free-market owners already housing pay a fee into a fund for workforce housing.  

  • We can use this money to pay rebates to a people building or creating new, deed-restricted workforce housing that is beyond what is required.

  • This would simply be a check written to the owner when the Certificate of Occupancy is issued and the permanent restriction is in place.  

  • The Fire and Police departments, St. Johns Hospital, the Teton County School District, and the Town and County could have the first right of refusal on these deed-restricted homes

Time is Money

  • Time is money, so why not fast tract quality, private sector proposals that create workforce housing without the use of taxpayer dollars?

  • If our goal is to build housing, we should enable internal staff reviews to be faster in order to get more private sector workforce housing projects done.  

All Types

  • It’s going to take all different types of housing to help with the housing crisis. Market rate and affordable rentals, deed restricted housing, employment based housing, caretaker apartments, and accessory units will all help in keeping our workforce local.  


The frustrating traffic we’ve experienced these last couple of years doesn’t have to be the new normal. People want solutions. Safety requires it. Wildlife needs it.

The Y intersection

  • Improvements to the Y intersection should be a high priority. The Y not only serves as one of the gateways to Jackson, but it’s also where we see the greatest traffic congestion.

  • Reconstruction of the Y should accommodate all modes of transportation with emphasis on improvements upon signal and bus transit prioritization.


  • In order to reduce traffic in and around Jackson we need to increase the frequency of stops on each route and add new routes throughout the county. We need to add stops in Rafter J, Melody Ranch, South Park Loop Road, and Wilson. 

  • It’s also crucial that we add more START bus trips to and from the Star Valley/Alpine and the Victor/Driggs areas. There are currently only three trips a day, Monday through Friday, to Star Valley and Teton Valley which only accommodates people working a traditional 9-5 workday. 

  • A huge portion of the Jackson workforce doesn’t hold those hours which means riding the START bus isn’t an option for many commuters.

Stilson Park and Ride:

  • The winter park and ride program at Stilson is the only one of its kind in Teton County and it has proven success. Why not continue this program into the summer?

  • Right now, during the summer months, a START bus only stops at Stilson if a rider calls and waits. Implementing this program during peak summer traffic months has the potential to take hundreds of cars off the road.


  • Wildlife deaths on our roadways is also a top concern is mine. We need to reduce speeds. We need to educate drivers. I support widening shoulders on select roads in order to provide more space for animals and emergency vehicles. 

  • We can look at areas where there is dense vegetation next to high mortality points and address that so our valley’s beautiful wildlife has a better chance of survival as they cross our roads. Fewer surprised animals and drivers will lessen wildlife deaths and put fewer people in harms way.

  • It will take both large and small steps to have an impact. Education is key.