Field is 6 for 2 County Seats

A fifth-generation native and a downtown restaurateur joined the field of candidates seeking election to two seats on the Teton County Board of Commissioners.

28 year-old Nicole Gill said she did not take the race lightly and that she cares deeply about her community. “I plan to fight to maintain the community character that makes Jackson so special. First and foremost, this involves fixing our current housing crisis that is threatening to kill off the middle class and working families as well as local businesses in Jackson, who represent the core of our community,” Gill said.

Trey Davis has owned the Sweetwater Restaurant and lived in Jackson for 14 years. He has experienced the housing shortage first-hand and wants to see action on solutions. “. “Local government finds reasons not to do something, Davis said, “I’m tired of how this county is run.”

Davis and Gill join Lisa daCosta as candidates for the Republican primary.

Former Commissioner Sandy Shuptrine, Greg Epstein, and Incumbent Natalia Macker make up the Democrat party line-up.