Candidates share takes on housing structure

Nikki Gill, 28, is the sales and marketing manager of the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch and the commercial real estate manager of the Gill family holdings. She also sits on the steering committee for the Astoria Hot Springs Park redevelopment project.

“I’m optimistic about the new Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department. However, it’s still in its infancy, so I think it’s too soon to tell how well it’s working,” Gill said. “The Housing Authority did a great job of administering the affordable housing program, but I would like to see greater involvement of the private sector from our new joint housing department.”

Gill said the affordable housing crisis cannot be solved by the new department alone. Rather, more incentives need to be provided for the private sector to be able to contribute.

She also believes the new joint partnership will bring “more immediate results” to affordable housing needs.

“I think the creation of the joint Housing Authority is a step in the right direction in bringing more immediate results on the affordable housing front,” she said. “Combining the efforts of the town and county makes solving the affordable housing crisis more of a community effort.”

While historically a good partnership, Gill said, the town and county’s relationship could be strengthened if the county “began to shoulder more of the affordable housing burden.”


“The comprehensive plan identifies key receiving areas in the county that would be ideal for affordable housing projects, but they aren’t being used,” she said. “Town is limited by space and availability, whereas the county has more flexibility in regards to land and zoning opportunities. The less the county does to utilize county land, the bigger the strain the town feels in regards to finding affordable housing locations.”