Commission hopefuls talk housing shortage

Nikki Gill, 28, is the sales and marketing manager of the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch and the commercial real estate manager of the Gill family holdings. She also sits on the steering committee for the Astoria Hot Springs Park redevelopment project.

“Affordable housing projects proposed by business owners and others in the private sector that require little to no public funds should be given the highest priority,” Gill said. “Many business owners in Jackson want to house their employees, but find the development and approval process much too cumbersome.”

Gill said the community “can’t tax our way out of the housing crisis,” and more incentives need to be given to the private sector to “get the job done.”

She encouraged more collaboration between the town, county and private sector, specifically looking to the private sector to develop projects.

“I think it should be the job of the new Jackson Teton County Housing Department to manage housing once it’s built,” she said. “But I think we’d see significantly more projects completed if we left development to the private sector.”