Six Seek Spot on County Board

Nikki Gill, Republican

Gill, a fifth-generation native, said she’s running to “fight to maintain the community character that makes Jackson so special.”

“I really believe that the working families and the middle class and the local businesses that make up our community core are some of the ones most affected by our housing crisis,” she said. “If we lose these groups we lose the heart and soul of Jackson Hole.”

Gill said local government needs to “get out of the way of the private sector” when it comes to building housing by providing more incentives for developers alongside relief from development fees.

Gill is the sales and marketing manager for the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch and the commercial real estate manager of the Gill family holdings. She sits on the steering committee for the Astoria Hot Springs Park redevelopment project.

At 28, Gill is also the youngest candidate in the race.

“My generation is the least represented in local government, yet they are some of the most affected by the housing crisis,” she said. “I feel they want someone who has a better understanding of their needs who is also willing to advocate for them.”